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"Gift a Legacy" Campaign

The "Gift a Legacy" ad campaign was designed to advertise the various ways of  donating to Western Connecticut State University's School of Visual and Performing Arts. Donors have the opportunity to:


"Name a seat" in the MainStage Theatre to support theatre students. 


"Name a seat" in the Veronica Hagman Concert Hall to support music students. 


Buy a plaque to be represented on the Art Donor Wall which will hang outside of The Gallery.

I decided to use a combination of purple and yellow for a complementary visual aspect of this campaign. These colors also serve as a representation of the Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC) at WCSU's culture. Purple is a color that is commonly used throughout the interior design of the VPAC, and yellow is representative of the lights on a marquee outside of a theater.

Art Director | Ellen Myhill

Copywriter | Moira Gentry

Landing Page Thought Process

A look into my thought process when creating the landing page for the "Gift a Legacy" campaign.

This slide deck was created while still working out concepts for the printed ad, and in the initial stage of collecting my ideas for the landing page.

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