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Hi there! I'm Allison (a.k.a. Ally), a Connecticut-based artist/designer, assistant college dance team coach, podcast listener, and coffee lover.

I have had a passion for creating my entire life. Growing up, I trained in various forms of dance while also participating in theatre productions, and of course, art class always being my favorite in school. After graduating high school, knowing that I wanted to major in something creative in college, but was not sure exactly what, I found graphic design, and was hooked immediately.


I attended Western Connecticut State University's School of Visual and Performing Arts where I worked as a Junior Graphic Designer in the University's Publications and Design Department, was Vice President of the Prisma Fine Art Club, and captain of the dance team.


Since graduating, I have worked as a designer for Scholastic and Nickelodeon where I have produced mostly digital-based work.

Resumé available upon request.

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