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SpongeBob Universe Digital Display Ads

When landing on, consumers are pulled in by the bright orange background of this art and the fun character poses from each of the splat portals. Highlighting the SpongeBob Squarepants series, The SpongeBob Movie, and Kamp Koral, this marketing campaign was aimed to push subscriber numbers on Paramount+ letting everyone know that Paramount+ is the place to be for all things SpongeBob. Some early results for the campaign showed subscription numbers up 25%, along with streams being up 14%. This brought the SpongeBob Universe to the #1 spot for engagement across all of Paramount+. 

Art Director/Design | John Kutlu

Lead Designer | Caroline Mathews

Designer | Allison Novella

Senior Art Director | Katrina Cheban

Design Director | Jane Trieu

Graphics Manager | Dai Delija

VP Brand Design | Sandy Goijburg 

Project Management | Angela Gianforcaro, Alison Chilton

Property of Viacom Inc.

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